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April 14th – COVID 19 HBA of CNM Update

April 14, 2020

HBA Members: 

We are all being affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic, in business and in our personal lives. Your health and safety is our greatest concern! 

We are grateful to be exempted from the Governor’s health order and allowed to keep working; we must be diligent and responsible while working in these conditions. 

You are all doing a great job during this difficult time. We have posted information about OSHA guidelines for working during the Covid-19 crisis. 

CLICK HERE FOR OSHA Guidelines during the Covid-19 crisis

All workers must follow strict working protocols practicing social distancing, handwashing and no more than 5 people working in an area at one time. We are going to be under these strict working conditions until at least April 30th.

CLICK HERE FOR Covid-19 POSTER for Workers on the JOBSITE

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has been working closely with the Federal Government to maintain an exemption allowing us to continue working. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has also allowed construction to continue; we are sincerely grateful to the Governor for her support and trusting us to work conditionally.

This Thursday, in an effort to show industry solidarity around the safety concerns employees may have during this difficult time, the NAHB has organized a National Safety “Stand-down” for local job sites. This is a good time to show workers how important and essential safety on the job site is during this time. For more information about how you can have your own “Safety Stand-Down”, please follow the link below.


Application for New Business Assistance Now Available

SIC launches $100 million NM Recovery Fund

SANTA FE – Applications are now available for a State of New Mexico emergency loan program to support larger businesses hardest hit by the COVID-19 health emergency. 

On April 7, the New Mexico State Investment Council unanimously approved guidelines for the New Mexico Recovery Fund, which will invest up to $100 million of the Severance Tax Permanent Fund in a short-term loan program, newly created for emergency business lending.

Businesses in New Mexico with

· 40 or more employees, who were credit-worthy prior to the pandemic, may apply for loans, starting at $500,000, with interest rates between 3% and 10%.

· The NM Recovery Fund is aimed at companies: with substantial negative impacts related to COVID-19;

· Which demonstrate intent to retain as many employees as possible over the life of the loan; and that will commit to spending at least 80% of loan proceeds in New Mexico (spending 100% of loan proceeds in New Mexico preferred).

The NM Recovery Fund is intended to complement federal loan programs like the CARES Act, as well as $25 million in new emergency small business loans being offered by the NM Small Business Investment Corporation.

The application is a two-step process with businesses initially filing a short questionnaire to see if they meet qualifications. Once approved, a formal submission will be requested.

For additional questions and to begin the loan application process, please visit sunmountaincapital.com

On March 12, Gov. Lujan Grisham authorized two assistance programs by the EDD. The COVID-19 Loan Guarantee Program works with lenders to help guarantee loans to businesses, making it easier for them to qualify. The second provides no-interest loans from the LEDA fund to economic base businesses.

For complete information about the business assistance programs, go the EDD website, GONM.biz

For comprehensive information about COVID-19 in the state go to NEWMEXICO.GOV.

The focus today is Health and Safety; the focus in the future will be making the American dream of home ownership come true for everyone…

John Garcia

Executive Vice President HBA Central New Mexico