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2024 Presidents Message

January 16, 2024

A new year, a new opportunity. I feel like each new year brings an optimistic energy filled with possibility, a chance to reflect on what we accomplished in the previous year, and a look forward to all that is still ours to achieve.

Our ever-changing industry requires us to be bold to make a difference and continue to provide housing for those in our community. Whether creating more affordable housing options, growing and supporting our local trade base, or establishing efficiencies with public utilities and municipalities, there is plenty of work to be done and plenty of opportunity to be had.

As we look towards all this year has to offer, I am encouraged and confident that our association is prepared and willing to take on whatever challenges our industry may encounter.

Our primary goal is and continues to be providing value and service to our members. This will be accomplished through many established and recognized resources and events, but we are also excited to provide new ways to service our members and the community.

I hope this new year brings you:

  • Courage to try again.
  • Passion for doing what you love.
  • Ambition to aim higher.
  • Resilience in overcoming obstacles.
  • Humility to learn from others.
  • Kindness for ourselves and others.

I am grateful to serve this organization and all its members.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Ashley Lawrence
Richmond American Homes
HBA of Central New Mexico, President